The wacky but astonishing brain

24 Jan

Early this morning, I was dreaming that I’d composed this incredible song in GarageBand. I was playing it back for myself one last time before I exported it. Trust me, it was amazing. Then I awoke. Although I still vividly remembered the dream, the song was too complicated to quickly jot down the concept (there were no lyrics), and although I remembered the melody, in itself it wasn’t that great. It was the overall composition of the song that was so rich and textured—it was a rock orchestra, a sound I can only best describe as Ronnie James Dio circa 1980 meets the symphony. In my dream, I simply couldn’t believe I’d done this.

Well, fast forward about an hour and I’m trying to play a song on my iPhone. For some reason it’s not working. I check the headphones are plugged in all the way; they are. I check the sound is up; it is. I stop the song and start it again. I close the iPod app and restart it. Then, just before I move to the next level of troubleshooting—restarting the iPhone—I realize my earbuds are not in my ears.

So, how exactly is it that someone’s brain can come up with an impressive musical composition and then an hour later think its ears are wearing earbuds when they’re actually in a pocket?

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